• Project Details
    Aetna Springs Luxury Resort
    Pope Valley
    Historic Resort
    Restoration of 28 Buildings
    New Construction
    National Register of Historic Places

    Completed in January 2016

    The historic Aetna Springs Resort was one of California’s most popular retreats during the early 1900s. The site, established in 1877, comprises a significant cultural landscape centered on Aetna Springs Creek and features stone walls, gates, and bridges within an oak woodland. Many of the 28 extant structures were built in the Victorian era and later adapted by noted architects Albert Farr and J. Francis Ward with rustic Arts & Crafts details. ARG has prepared a preservation plan that defines preservation strategies for the rehabilitation of the entire site. Plans include the restoration of 28 buildings, relocation of 5 buildings, construction of a new lodge, and restoration of historical on-site structures, such as bridges.