Centric General Contractors promotes a shared exchange to ensure project success. We provide a comprehensive range of preconstruction planning and construction services that require cohesive team collaboration. We reinforce team engagement with a series of project activities that require interaction. Interaction and engagement encourages a productive, positive exchange that ensures each team member is aware of the requirements at every phase and prepared to embark on successful project together.
Preconstruction and Planning
Centric General Contractors understands the combination of elements required for a reliable project estimate, budget and schedule. Detailed project estimates and realistic project schedules are created for each project. We manage cost to meet a client’s specific requirements, including: project budget and estimate, conceptual schedule, value engineering reports, document updates and assembly, and accommodating for sustainability. Our construction professionals are skilled in preconstruction activities and factor in efficiency and accuracy to offer clients the best project value. We apply our project experience and expertise to offer innovative solutions to complex construction challenges.
Value Engineering
Centric General Contractors employs systematic methods to identify all possible cost reduction opportunities while maintaining original design intent in order to maximize value. We continuously look over our project plans to identify where cost and environmentally friendly alternatives are possible. Incorporating green building practices within our value engineering efforts offers clients greater project savings and reduced ecological impact.
Project Management
Construction projects require clear direction, organization, and the ability to manage diverse resources to achieve the desired results. Our many complex projects require this to an even higher degree. Centric’s experienced project management teams are hand-picked to provide the required leadership, exacting technical knowledge, and the necessary management skills to ensure our client’s unique objectives are achieved within the constraints of both time and budget.
Building Information Modeling(BIM)
Centric General Constructors incorporates state-of-the-art, three-dimensional, real-time dynamic modeling software increase clarity in design, construction, cost estimating, material tracking and procurement. By incorporating BIM, we are able to eliminate uncertainties and identify cost-saving opportunities in the preliminary design phase. The client benefits include increased efficiency, and tighter budgetary control throughout the project lifecycle.
Entitlement and Permitting
Centric General Contractors provides entitlement and permitting support to landowners and developers for all project types. We have an acute understanding of all local, state, and federal regulatory permit and entitlement processes. Our team fosters close communication with local regulators at every opportunity, which in many cases expedites a potentially arduous process.
Interior Construction
Centric General Contractors is fortunate to work with distinguished designers and master craftspeople to construct premier commercial and elegant custom residential interior spaces. Our teams relish the logical planning, fine quality materials, and precision workmanship typically associated with adapting an exquisite design into a symphony of project means and methods. We can speak to any idea and share it with our architectural and design partners to assist our clients in gaining a clear understanding of a project’s scope, construction costs, and site limitations.
Green and Sustainable Construction
Centric General Contractors is a member of the US Green Building Council and our green building practices illustrate a heightened awareness on sustainable design issues. This awareness is driven through our daily interactions with our clients, industry partners and our professionals. Waste reduction, material recycling and reuse, energy conservation and indoor air quality are just a few areas we tackle. We encourage the efforts of the US Green Building Council and enable the adoption of these recommended practices on our job sites. We work with the entire project team to monitor and track compliance throughout a project’s lifecycle.
Every project begins with an action plan to ensure specific goals for quality meet each client’s expectations. From ensuring submittals are complete, correct, and in compliance with the contract documents to reviewing the quality of the installed work with the construction team, Centric takes the steps necessary to ensure the client is satisfied at each stage. It is important for us to be proactive with not only meeting the expectation but also rise above the traditional construction methods. Our unyielding commitment to quality reinforces our focus for satisfying our clientele.
Accidents can be prevented. Centric General Contractors aims to provide a safe, clean, and healthy work environment for all our employees, subcontractors and site visitors. We communicate our firm belief in safety through our leadership, project planning, work procedures, jobsite training, and consistent, clear communication. Each Centric employee understands our standard safety requirements and site-specific requirements. A safe jobsite is mission critical for the welfare of the personnel on-site, the public, environment and the ultimate success of the project.